Exposure to cold water puts stress on the body and affects circulation, heart rate and blood pressure. If you have an underlying health condition in any of these areas, consider seeking medical advice to ensure safety while exposing your body to cold water.


Before starting your cold water immersion jounrney, take warm-to-cold showers to create a tolerance. Start with warm water and, after a few minutes, gradually drop the temperature. Alterntively you can immerse yourself in cold bath at home, progressing the depth alongside your tolerance.

When prepared, immerse yourself in a cold tub.  Throughout the winter months adding ice isn't necessary unless you are highly experienced. Later add ice to water until the temperature is between 50°F and 59°F (2°C and 16°C), and stay submerged from 1 to 10 minutes

To unlock all of the benefits from cold water exposure it is reccomended to complete 11 minutes of immersion per week. We reccomend to complete at least 2 minutes per plunge to receive the instant benefits upon that day.